My Brooklyn - My New Project

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What is this you might ask? Could it be my new project? As if I really needed a side project after Just Shoes for Kids, my two sons, and a dog. (I would have included my husband in the list, but I'm not sure he would appreciate that.)

So what is My Brooklyn? Shoes of course!!!!! It is a new line of shoes that we are making with a lot of a-Mom-azing features that you are going to adore!!!! It has taken us awhile to get this right and we are just working on the manufacturing now. Who needs a new line of shoes you might ask? After all, we do have some fantastic brands on Just Shoes for Kids. 

We are bringing you a shoe line with-----

Reinforced toe so that when your child uses his shoes to stop his ride on toy/bicycle/tricycle he won't come home with a hole on the top of his shoe. (Remind me to tell you the story where I was going to accuse my son's preschool of misconduct until I figured out what was going on.)

Removable Insole so that you can figure out if the shoe fits without your kids having to tell you. Because honestly a lot of times they really don't know. 

Hook and loop closure (the generic name for velcro)- Because not every kid can tie laces. 

Lightweight which is not always a benefit since they can run away from you faster. ;)

Flexible because shoes should be comfortable and not interfere with developing feet.

Vegan because it is good for the cows and it is cheaper. 

We are currently looking for shoe testers. If you have any interest, send us an email at

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New Spring Papanatas are here!!!!!

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January means cold and snow. But it also means that our new spring arrivals start trickling into the warehouse. And the Papanatas and ELI 1957 lines are two of our favorites. These beautiful shoes are hand-crafted in Spain with luxury suedes and leathers.

Each season Lin and I have the fun job of putting together an assortment for our website.

What were our favorite trends you ask?

We LOVE sparkle and metallics and florals! So it is a bright and colorful spring! The Mary Janes are our customers' favorites so we picked a few key styles and added our own personal touch. We also have an oxford or two, and don't forget to check out our ballet flats.

You can see the entire collection here- 

Papanatas & Eli 1957


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Looking Forward to a New Year and a New Season of Styles

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As 2016 comes to a close, I am super excited for the new styles we have for the upcoming season. I had the pleasure of walking through the last shoe show of the year at FFANY last week. Though the shoes featured were more for the next Fall season, it was still amazing to see what trends are expected to carry through and what new innovations are on the horizon.
In celebration of another successful year here at Just Shoes for Kids and a special treat for our loyal customers, we will be having weekly specials for the month of December. Please keep an eye out for our newsletter each week with special deals and promotions. 
Happy Holidays!
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Fashion Week According to Lin

Posted by Lin Wang on

The whirlwind of the international fashion weeks wrapped to a close early last month with its last leg in Paris. Though real life doesn't allow many of us to be present at every single coveted show, with the new technology most designers are adopting, we can almost be front row of every show without ever leaving the comfort of our sofas via streams, critics, and bloggers.
Each designer has his or her own vision and inspiration, but some trends and themes seemed to flow throughout the shows. The rise of the machines is truly visible as designers try to capture a snapshot of an ever-changing landscape thru structured designs, studded details, and clean lines mimicking the sharpness of technology. 
The soft and pastel spring palettes is a thing of the past as bold yellows, oranges, and greens made their presence known in the newly presented spring collections. This is also echoed in the strong showing of metallic and black that seems darker than the usual for spring but nevertheless was seamless when presented.
I am very excited to see in the upcoming months of what trends will flow into the kids' wear department as we gear up for our next buying season starting in mid-January.
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Buyer's Corner by Lin Wang

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Hi I'm Lin, and welcome to the first edition of Buyer's Corner! I look forward to sharing with you every week on what's trending in terms of shoes for your little ones and also special events we will be having. 

My love for fashion started even before I realized it, I am told I was a spunky five-year old who woke up every morning asking my mom what I was going to wear for the day. Looking back at pictures of myself, I see lots of mixed patterns and frills, always capped off with an unassuming smile and bright accessories.
I love having the opportunity to give your little ones a chance to express their inner style in comfort regardless of what he or she is trying to say.
Coming up next week: New York Fashion Week, be sure to check back on Monday for the full recap!
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