The Igor Re-play


We are looking for a few good Igors. Have an old pair of Igor shoes in your closet? Great! Use our free return shipping label to send them back to our warehouse. We will forward them to a child and/or mom in need. 

We are working with the MacDella Cooper foundation to give your old Igor shoes a new life with a child that needs shoes. You can read more about MacDella Cooper and her foundation here

And we will send you a $5 off gift card to Just Shoes for Kids as a thank you!

Frequently asked questions below. Start your free return here- 


Q. Can I send shoes besides igor? 

A. Not at this time, but we are hoping to expand the program in the future. 

Q What if I purchased the igor shoes from a different store? Did I have to purchase them from you?

A. No, that is no problem! We will take any pair of Igor shoes (regardless of where you purchased them.)

Q. Can we send shoes from Canada?

A. I am sorry to say that shipping costs, customs and duties make it cost prohibitive for us to send return labels from Canada. But as we expand the program, we will be sure to think about Canada. 

Q. I would like more information on the program. Or I have a suggestion on how to make it better. 

A. Great! Send us an email at