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Sometimes my phone reminds me of important milestones and anniversaries- my boys' first steps, first day of school, first vacation together as a family, etc. Today it reminded me that five years ago I began my love affair with Spanish shoes. (An odd anniversary for most people, but one of the most important for me.) 

May 8th, 2013 was my first visit to Spain and its wonderful shoe factories. Love, wouldn't begin to describe how I felt about a country and its shoe artisanship. The best way to describe both the culture and shoe-making of Spain is warm. Factories take a lot of pride and ownership over their art. Factories are still family-owned and the craft has been honed over generations. Leathers are unique and so are the shoes.

Spanish factories specialize in small batches of shoes not the large quantities you see at the big department stores. Sometimes we'll make 6 pairs of shoes in a particular style. You may have THE ONLY shoe of that kind (in that size) that was ever made.  I think there is something to be said for uniqueness, creativity and originality. It's why you see so many fun colors and styles on our site. And if you don't see what you like, let me know. Because we are always open to requests. 

I think the new tagline for Spain should be- 

Made in Spain with LOVE. (But that is just my two cents.) 

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