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Hi, it's me Jodi again. It has been awhile since we posted on our blog. Now that spring is quickly approaching, I thought I would give you a quick update on what you will see on Just Shoes for Kids. 

Introducing a new brand!!!! Yea!!! 

It is always very exciting when we buy new brands. It is one of my favorite parts of buying shoes. Here are the thoughts that go through my head as I buy--- "Oh WOW our customers are going to LOVE these. I will take one in every color." "OK, maybe not one in EVERY color. Let's just try a few." And then I let you, our favorite customers decide if we buy more next season. 

So drum roll please..........

Atlanta Mocassin

We bought mocs! That is the Atlanta Mocassin iconic style. (I guess it is sort of obvious since it is in their brand name.) These gorgeous shoes are made in Portugal. (A country I would love to visit one day.) I picked a couple of basic colors and a couple of fashion colors. I hope you like them! 

Atlanta Mocassin


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