Piccolina Kids Paleontology Cropped Leggings
$ 28.00

Piccolina Kids

Piccolina Kids Paleontology Cropped Leggings

What could be better than Paleontology cropped leggings? Inspire your little one to be a dinosaur expert! And be comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Cotton/Lycra Blend

Elastic Waist

Machine Washable

Made in Peru

About Piccolina

Piccolina is a mission driven lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering young girls and breaking gender stereotypes. They use theme centric design to lay the foundation for today's little ones to become tomorrow's leaders and problem solvers. Their goal is to use design to show young girls that there is no limit to what is interesting or achievable in life. They design all of their products around themes that are stimulating and thought provoking and are intended to spark curiosity and empower little ones to ask questions!