Meet Manuela De Juan

Manuela de Juan was born in the cradle of the footwear industry in Spain, Alicante. My style, inspired by classic Parisian style, was renewed with a unique cosmopolitan touch. My strong character emerged from my origins. In the seventies, when white, pink and blue dominated children’s footwear, I incorporated the color lines. From that moment on, I was a trendsetter.

The leathers in Manuela footwear are premium quality. They come from select tanneries and are subjected to an exhaustive treatment process. The elements that go into the production process, based on rigorous craftsmanship together with the latest technological innovation, give rise to exclusive, reinforced footwear that is appropriate for any event or occasion.

Manuela de Juan in nutshell… a brand that is CLASSIC, REFINED, BUT FOREVER CHIC!