Froddo Boy's and Girl's Rosario Casual Sneakers - Blue/Yellow
$ 88.00


Froddo Boy's and Girl's Rosario Casual Sneakers - Blue/Yellow

Step up the fun with Froddo Rosario Casual Sneakers! These playful blue and yellow shoes feature a distressed outsole, perfect for the kid on the go. Take their style to the next level with these quirky and unique kicks. (Seriously, they'll be the coolest kid on the playground! 🙌


1) upper material - leather
2) chrome free leather lining and microfiber insole
3) sole - thermo rubber
Universal fitting - adjustable to all feet width
Removable antibacterial microfiber insole. Sustainable product and production

Shoe care:

Remove the dirt and shoe polish remnants from the leather shoes using a sponge, natural brush, or soft cloth. After cleaning, it is necessary to evenly apply a thin layer of shoe polish. Allow the polish to dry and brush the shoes again. Maintain suede footwear with a rubber brush or a special suede cleaning brush. First, remove dirt and any stains, then apply a suede waterproofing spray. Regular brushing and cleaning will extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking newer for longer.